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Before you come for your remap please make sure your vehicle is in good working order(no slipping clutch, power loss, smoking), and has recently been serviced.


Where do you get your remapping files?

This is a very important question that should be asked!!! All of our files are custom written for your vehicle by Pendle Performance Ltd who have developed all of their files extensively on their rolling road. We DO NOT use generic files that can be bought off the internet that can cause so much damage to your vehicle.


Why don't manufactures remap their vehicles?

They do! Manufactures offer many different powerd vehicles that all have more or less the same engine, the main difference being the Map on the ECU. Its just that the next model up will cost thousands more from them rather than hundreds more from us.


Should I tell my insurance company?

Yes, you should tell your insurance company about any modification or tuning of your vehicle. Most insurance companies wil not raise your premium.


What will happen to my fuel economy?

In almost all cases your fuel economy will go up with sensible driving.


Will a remap void my warranty?

An aftermarket remap may well void your warranty.

Manufactures can investigate the cause of the problem and can reject the claim.

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